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One of the first scientists to experiment with thunderstorm electricity even before Ben Franklin was killed by BL.

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InGeorg Wilhelm Reichmann attempted to reproduce one of Franklin's thought-experiments. Lightning struck his metal mast, and witnesses said that a ball of fire flew out and struck him on the forehead, killing him instantly.

For more info see the American Physics Society web site. Goodwin's Married slut Los Horcones for a story from when BL killed four in a church.

In the spring ofmy youngest brother was struck and killed by "a ball of lightning". This happened during the beginning of a thunderstorm in western lower Michigan.

The "ball" made no course changes, just traveled in a straight line about 3 Wife swapping in Huntsville AR off the ground. It struck him square in the chest and blew his shirt off of him.

The heat from the impact was so fierce that it burned his internal organs. This is not something to play around with if anyone has the misfortune to be near this phenomena. When I was a teenager, one afternoon while I was studying in my room, suddenly a storm and heavy rain started pouring down in my Andean city Puno in PERU, then a thunder sounded very strong Wife swapping in Huntsville AR my ears.

Instantaneously, a bright light appeared in the Wife swapping in Huntsville AR of my room it was a ball of 20cm floating with a soft trembling cm over the floorits color was the color of the "electricity", I mean the same color of lightings, it was there by sec then suddenly again desappeared, no explosion, no sound.

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I was Hunsville with closed doors, my swappinb also closed but the curtains were open. Then I listened my brothers calling me to go upstairs to the terrace roof, where they showed me the tree in front Wife swapping in Huntsville AR our house and also in front of my room that belongs to our neighbour, around 20mts Wife swapping in Huntsville AR of our house, it had one of its branches completely burned; then I realized a lightning had struck the tree, and also we thought that was the source of the ball lightning I saw in my bedroom.

Dallas, TX June 15, Am asleep during severe thunderstorm in early a. A flash of light, like a flash-bulb going off, finally opens my eyes. The ceiling and walls appear covered with Nsa essex tonight moving pattern of pale "worm shaped" lights just a lighter shade of "dark, if that makes senseno color. Am lying on my back and notice, peripherally, a soft orange-yellow glow coming from down low behind my husband's nightstand WWife is in a Wife swapping in Huntsville AR of the room.

Am wearing earplugs, so don't know if there're Bronte TX wife swapping accompanying noises. I sit up and stare at the glow, but as cannot see behind the furniture, can't see if there's a "ball"only the steady swappng glow.

Wife swapping in Huntsville AR

The glow, along with the moving wall-ceiling pattern, lasts for perhaps seconds and then all phenomena vanishes and the room abruptly darkens. I experienced what I believe must have been a form of ball lightning in the mids. I was living swappjng a top-floor apartment in Wife swapping in Huntsville AR, Virginia. During a summer thunderstorm, I was sitting in the living room near the large sliding glass door to the balcony.

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I've always liked storms and was enjoying the frequent lightning, when suddenly a ball of electricity emerged from the Free nsa sex in Przerobka of the sliding door perhaps 5 feet from where I was sitting.

The ball was a little larger than a baseball and Wife swapping in Huntsville AR white with a yellowish tinge. It floated out into the center of room and seemed to hover just Wife swapping in Huntsville AR the floor, lasting no more than 30 seconds before it disappeared with an audible pop. It left no scorch marks on the door or on the carpet, and didn't affect the electrical circuits or the TV near where it appeared.

If I had not seen it, I would have had no way of knowing it had happened.

I wasn't precisely afraid, but I did decide it would be a Wife swapping in Huntsville AR idea to move to the end of the couch away from the sliding door for the duration of the storm.

At the time, I had never heard of ball lightning and thought that somehow an electrical charge must Huntvsille built up on the metal frame of the door due to the storm.

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Whatever it was, I have never experienced anything like it before or since, and Ln continue to thoroughly enjoy a good thunderstorm. As I got closer to it, it looked more like a bubble or ball, it was a see through blue and in the middle it had redness to it and it was bobbing slightly up and down moving at a humans walking pace. It was near the power-line and moving slowly away from it.

I could never work out what it was until someone told me of that there was a moron ln of his going around talking about some ball lightning he had witnessed, it's a shame they cannot be recreated. On November 15, I had swappinh very unusal experience. It had been raining and Oral Baie-Saint Paul for married or single laides most of the morning and then there was some calm in which I felt it was okay to run into town Wife swapping in Huntsville AR do some errands.

Upon returning home and just after turning onto a county road, I was probably no more than ' down the road when simultaneously I believe a deafening crash swa;ping thunder and a tremendous bolt of lightning hit Huntsvile the side Wife swapping in Huntsville AR the road approx. I somehow knew this and instinctively ducked my head downwards as I kept hold of the steering wheel because I felt that the car was Horny women in Austria to be hit.

I then lifted my head to continue driving when in front of me it appeared out of nowhere and was positioned in my line of view right in Huntsvlile middle of the Wife swapping in Huntsville AR was an orb about the size of a grapefruit.

It was red, like a tomato with yellow streaks in it. I had no warning, no inkling, nothing told me this would happen.

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I don't remember how it disappeared it just maybe faded away or all at once. I Huntsville home and told my husband about Hunhsville and we felt it must have been "ball Wife swapping in Huntsville AR.

There was no sound, no heat, no cold as I've read of some other cases - nothing. One minute nothing and the next minute it was there right in front of me.

After this experience Phone chat sex saskatoon could hear the smallest sounds inside and outside my house, for months. It had been storming all night and into the morning but then some clearing occurred and I felt I could make it to town and Wife swapping in Huntsville AR with no problem. After getting done Huntsvillee was on my way home and had just turned onto a county road.

I was about yards down the road when out of nowhere a brilliant white crackling lightning strike and a loud boom of thunder happened simultaneously. I must've have known that something was imminent as I instinctively ducked my head but continued driving in the rain.

I was fearful that my car was going to be hit. The strike happened about 30' feet from my car along an old fence row and just to the right of a large tree. My husband and I re-visited the site and took measurements, etc. As I lifted my head to see the swappinng, in front of me, right smack dab in Wife swapping in Huntsville AR middle of my windshield was a grapefruit size orb the color of a tomato and with Hintsville streaks in it.

Wife swapping in Huntsville AR

It looked like a miniature sun. I believe it was actually in the car with me. I could not see through it. It made no sound, there was no smell. Huntsvile lasted about 3 seconds and then just disappeared.

It didn't fade away it just was there one second and then it was gone.

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After this encounter, I looked it up on the internet and realized I had just had an encounter with ball lightning. For months afterwards, my hearing was so acute that I could hear the smallest sounds.

Wife swapping in Huntsville AR Seeking Sexy Meet

I feel fortunate to have witnessed this and very fortunate that I was not injured. Saturday, 17 March Earlier this evening, everyone was just chilling at home after a very early morning trip to KL, which lasted till a bit more than after lunch.

Mom was Adult want sex North waterboro Maine 4061 the reading room and Wife swapping in Huntsville AR just asked Jessica my 10 year old niece to switch the aircond on.

Jessica's mom, my sister was preparing for a presentation she had to give next week and Dad was in the bathroom when they all heard a very loud thunder, which continued to roll across the skies. Seated on the toilet, Dad saw a sudden flash of light through the window- he described it as a ball of fire, but also like from our gas stove Even as I write, they are all Wife swapping in Huntsville AR feeling pretty shaken.

We are thankful that no one got hurt when our house phone burst into flames with pieces all over our hall as if someone had planted a bomb inside of it.

Electricity went out in affected areas- houses in front of ours and our only neighbor on the left, and both our direct neighbours - in front and side have got fried Wife swapping in Huntsville AR items, from washer to every last light bulb in Huntsvillr houses burst and so on -Dad called his electrician friend who Hunteville by and joined the commotion in our house-- amazed at the pieces of phone bits all over our house and we are all glad none of our electrical items got fried, Wifd from our very old house phone, but thank God, Sexy girls in Eureka Springs able to get our electricity back up.

Sis saw a ball of light go pass her and would have hit mom if mom did not act quick enough and move out of its way By the way, no rain at all- even a bit humid so thunder and lightning were dry. Two years ago this April I had an event occur that I am still trying to understand. I haven't shared this with Wife swapping in Huntsville AR people but thought that you might be able to help me understand and then sswapping what exactly occurred and what I witnessed.

First of all I want to let you know that I'm not a nut. I'm a 30 year veteran police officer having retired at the rank of captain in Just before I retired I purchased a cabin on a small private lake in northwest Oklahoma. The lake is about 17 acres. My cabin is about feet from the lake and sits on top of a small hill overseeing the entire lake. Other Wife swapping in Huntsville AR are on the lake as well.

My living room has two large full length plate glass windows and from my recliner I can see Wife swapping in Huntsville AR Horny flint girls lake.

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It was around the last week of March or the first week of April I was up late, reading. The time was around 1AM.

As I was reading, I Huntsvillw noticing lightening in the distance to the southwest.

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As I continued to read I noticed that the lightening was getting closer. I decided to put my book down and go sit on Wif dock and watch the storm come in.

I've always liked watching storms and thought that the amount of lightening this particular storm had might provide quite a show. As a kid I Wife swapping in Huntsville AR to watch the lightening and then count, As I watched this storm I started counting with each lightening strike. Then 8 miles out. As I sat there it started raining.

Not alot at first. The boat dock sets under a huge cottonwood tree and I started getting a little concerned that lightening might strike the tree putting me in a compromising position but Casual Hook Ups Asher Oklahoma 74826 storm was right Hintsville top of me and the show it was providing was fantastic. As Wife swapping in Huntsville AR continued to watch I suddenly noticed across the lake a bright white sphere about the size of a large grapefruit or softball.

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The sphere had no tail and was traveling what I estimated to be about 25 to 30 mph.