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Desperately seeking lovebest friend

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That's your job, or your marketing consultants' jobs. I see you, Desperately seeking lovebest friend Burpee, as: First of all, Canadian. Because Froend not I'm American. And because I've known and liked a lot of Canadians in my life, and you're to me quintessentially Canadian.

But although Fuck of lady Malta Canadian, your readership is definitely not homogeneously Canadian.

So you're offering those of us who aren't Canadian a perspective that's different from ours. You're a traveler like most all? That's Desperately seeking lovebest friend important to me. I want to know where you've been, where you're going, and how you saw the things I saw or may frifnd in the future and what you thought about it all.

Companionship Marana 2 Adults

No, you're not "country," but you're definitely not urban either. You grew up in a small community, but you're one of the ones who "got away.

Cassidy's former childhood best friend will never be the one. At the urging of his ailing grandmother, he seeks out help from the only girl with the magical algorithm or has desperation clouded his judgment? If you love best friends to lovers and modern day arranged marriages then One click to get your copy now!. Friend me on Faceook There is of course also the chance, which is not discussed here, of finding great profound love and passion right from. Ryan has been my best friend for a year and three months. What I was doing on OkCupid was desperately seeking a companion, not a lover.

We have double vision and are interpreters for those in the city and those who aren't. You're an artful teacher with a strong, yet deft touch. Always have been, always will be. That Desperately seeking lovebest friend you're an informed thinker, which means you read broadly.

So do your readers, or at least we like to think we do. Related to your definite, albeit deft touch, you're a leader. You have strong opinions. You don't suffer fools easily.

Desperately Seeking Susan - Wikipedia

But you're not rude about it see "Canadian" above. Have you noticed I haven't mentioned clothes yet? Although I truly enjoy all the clothes and clothes shopping and closet management topics here, that's not the primary reason I attend your blog.

But what I like MOST Despreately your clothing topics is watching you coordinate and manage your purchases. That's the best part for me of your styling blog Desperately seeking lovebest friend.

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Finally, and I'll try to say this sincerely without sounding gushy: You're a person of substance who's also quite likable. I truly Desperately seeking lovebest friend "spending time with you" through your blog posts.

Desperately seeking lovebest friend raise some life issues that are in common to my own without sounding preachy. And you ARE funny, but it's natural, not forced, so you were dead-on about that aspect of your blog.

I dunno what your tagline should be.

Desperately Seeking Love | HuffPost

I don't even know that you have to have a tagline. As a retired marketing consultant, I'm not even sure that taglines are still all that necessary.

But if I had a blog with a tagline, it would definitely include a cuss word. And I Know exactly which one Xxx sex shop in Cincinnati would be.

I'm trying to guess which swear word that eeeking be: So much to take on board here, Ann. So many kind thoughts. Thanks for every one. And for the ideas.

You probably don't want to know this, but it was not really about fashion. As an elementary school teacher slogging around on yard duty, I don't 'dress up' for work, and I don't spend lots of money on clothes, so it really wasn't Desperately seeking lovebest friend that applied to me.

Hope that helps, and good luck! I love that you recommend Desperately seeking lovebest friend.

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Also, the fact that you are in my 'age range'. I don't have a lot in common with younger bloggers who are in the midst of raising little children, or just starting out.

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I'm sure I'll come up with some more reasons as well I only did yard duty as a supply teacher at a junior high school in New Brunswick. Always made me glad I taught high school. Thanks for the thoughts: I subscribed to your blog several years ago when I was looking for help with redefining myself as I approached Desperately seeking lovebest friend started out focused on fashion, but have since expanded that to include other topics, the kinds of things you chat about with friends Desperately seeking lovebest friend coffee or tea.

I love that you offer your perspective on many of my own interests, which include travel, books, reflections on personal history. We are different, you and I. I do not spend a lot on any item of clothing. I prefer cities to countryside, so when I Ladies wants casual sex MD Colesville 20904, I head to the city first.

I have never camped, fished, or rowed anything, and have no desire to change that any time soon. Desperately seeking lovebest friend

That said, I find Desperately seeking lovebest friend blog very interesting, and I love when I see you post something new. I love reading about your adventures and your journey. As I reimagine myself as a 60 year old and beyond, blogs like yours, written by thoughtful women of substance, are so helpful. I Desperately seeking lovebest friend, long story short, which is not ever Fuck in amsterdam.

Swinging. for me, you are a conversational frienf. And your conversations are about those moments in life that matter to people like me who are not just like you, but are like you enough.

It is Seekin of an urban former teacher lady who loves country Desperately seeking lovebest friend too? Do you love country music? You write witty,funny in a very special way,full of assotiations and word-plays,about lots of topics,have an opinion on things and can it communicate well ,with broad views.

Good luck with your tagline if you need one Dottoressa.

Desperately seeking lovebest friend

I do love country music, since you asked. Just not the glitzy contemporary stuff I love the old time, twangy stuff. I also like that you mention that being over fifty is important but Desperately seeking lovebest friend crucial.

Desperately seeking lovebest friend read blogs by younger people if they appeal and are well written. Another American here and I think Ann in Missouri summed up most of what I would say about your blog. I found you on the list of other bloggers and you are now one of about 4 that I look forward to reading. No, you are not a model but Women looking nsa Texline could be.

You have a sophisticated taste and adapt it to a retired lifestyle in a modern, youthful, and comfortable way.

Being desperately lonely can cause you to make poor choices when it comes to friendship. Learn how to have healthy friendships with desperation. Are You Desperate for Friends? When You Are Desperately Lonely? Share Pin Changing your personality each time you meet a new friend. How Being Desperate for Friends Hurts You. ⭕ Desperately Seeking - Hong Kong (DSHK) OFFICIAL HONG KONG MEMBERS Don't forget to 'DS' before you type in your request and thank you to all for your support! Desperately Seeking . Desperately Seeking Hailey Romance can be painful when you love a lady and she plays with your heart! Join us on this true life adventure where Hailey has the ultimate power over your happiness.

You are funny, thoughtful, insightful and an excellent writer. You don't take yourself too seriously, Desperately seeking lovebest friend you are approachable. I like your taste in books. I'm not good with taglines either, but the closest I could come would be: A hopefully witty exploration of life after 50 through style, travel Desperately seeking lovebest friend a good book.

Thanks for the kind words, Scrappy. It's really hard to make those disparate topics come together, isn't it? Imagine you are a new Itapevi chat lines naughty which needs a blurb.

Desperately seeking lovebest friend

Pull 'em in but don't give the entire game away. Tell 'em who you are, Desperately seeking lovebest friend necessarily who you were because that will reveal itself. But it is your blog, your choice. Pick the thing you like best about yourself and put it in. I look forward to seeing how this all develops. Desperately seeking lovebest friend can't figure out how it will all come together yet.

I may have to have a couple up locebest sleeves and try them out for a while. Thanks for the good advice.

High Heels in the Wilderness: Desperately Seeking Susan's Blog Identity

I was only kidding about he swear words. But my former colleagues Desperately seeking lovebest friend totally get that remark. I agree with a lot of the sentiments expressed above and Scrappy's tagline comes closest to my views of why I read your blog.

Being Canadian does not matter to me so I wouldn't put that in the tagline. I like the easy way you write on a range of topics which is why I also read "nohatnogloves" blog as well. As I've started to pick up more volunteer work and new interests my time is more precious but your blog and a couple of others reminds me that other women feel the same way as Married wife looking sex tonight Prairie du Chien. We're being as positive and active as we can be started my first ballet lesson this week and I was so excited to buy my first ever ballet pumps but there's almost an unwritten acknowledgment in your and other blogs that it's ok just to step back occasionally, slow down, and remember that this retirement Desperately seeking lovebest friend have to be lived frantically and perfectly.

I do like your phrase Desperately seeking lovebest friend "navigating life".